If Only

Written by: Roxanne Schroeder

The golden orbs shine like fire,
clenched in the fists of 
a fire-breathing dragon,
fierce with anger, teeth bared,
ready to attack any intruder
trying to take its treasure.

What treasure's held within?
no one knows.  It must be
something wonderful, something
sweet as sticky watermelon on
a summers day, or something bright
and wonderful as a golden noonday sun.

For why else would the treasure
be guarded by a fire-breathing dragon?
with teeth sharp as diamonds
and claws as big as daggers
ready to pierce and rip to shreds
any intruder it encounters.

One day I will brave that fire-breathing dragon
despite the teeth of diamonds, and claws like daggers.
I will slay the guard of that treasure,
the golden orbs like fire,
they will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine,
if only to know what they hold inside.