Love in a mutiny


Love in a mutiny

It was the May of 1857
There was a great clash in the north
Here two souls were loving each
by forgetting everything around them

He was Vadivel a soldier and
She was Muthammai in a teen of beauty
They were the lovable souls of their village
which was near to Historical fort of Vellore

Perumugai was their village
Which made Vadivel as a brave and strong
Their love made that village as beauty but
fate smiled loudly there as a villain

Clarins was the commander of Vadivel
wanted to exclude him from Muthamma
H e sent him to a remote from her as his orfer
to get rid off  from his nearness

On the same night  by eleven
He went and raped that beauty
She felt ashamed and  got her peace in death

Vadivel retuned from his task and
heard that thunder shock news
To take a revenge on Clarins
He shot his commander at  the same fort and
smashed that cruels face and body

In the place of her death
He stabbed himself  to die
Both souls were traveling in the air
to say their love in the world

It may be the first spark
to the graet Historical Vellore Sipoy mutiny
Still their grave yards are there
as a silent evidence of their love