Written by: casper chubs

So when i get home to my paper and pen
All i can think about is my feelings 
I could wander the world and do it again
But id rather take walks on the ceilings

I do it for people like bree
And especially for my dear friend
Im just another leaf on a tree
And will be until the inevitable end

My writing is all the therapy i need
Because its one of the things i love to do
Cut me down because im like a weed
And with writing and fighting im never through

But with this i will never be satisfied
I guess thats what comes with passion
But to continue i dont even have to decide
Me to poetry is like j crew to fashion

And ill never stop rhyming:)
Even though im just some boy
With his constant chiming
So far, sharing has been a joy

P.S. i love poetry soup and thanks bree
for your wonderful comments