Written by: Jeff Bresee

It’s hard to find
From time to time
The strength to read between the lines
Of all the things you say
And what you do

It’s hard to be
What you want from me
It’s hard to swing from the highest tree
But I am climbing up the branches
Just for you

You never let me go, but never let me stay
My heart’s a wreck from the games you play
I’m torn apart by the things you hide
First I lost my way and then I lost my pride…

So look at me
And perhaps you’ll see
I’ve givin everything and still it isn’t me
Who brightens up your day
Or makes you smile

So I’ll walk away
It’s what I have to do
And when I’m gone, all I ask of you
Is try to think of me… 
Once in a while

…Jeff Bresee