Written by: Jeff Bresee

The Savior walked on water
The Savior raised the dead
The Savior healed the blind and lame
And then the Savior said

That those who would believe in Him
Could do such things and more
So all my life I’ve wondered
What He meant when He implored

To follow in His footsteps
And do the things He did
Yet I have not done anything
To measure to this bid

And so I sit and ask myself
Where have I gone astray
Should I take His words literally
Or perhaps some other way

Sometimes I think I lack in faith
The problem lies with me
Yet my faith in him absolute
And thus this cannot be

As far as I call tell
There are so many people who
Have faith in Him that’s strong
Yet still no miracles they do

So what then is the answer
Why no miracles I see
As always comes the answer
Softly whispering to me

“The scripture means just what it says
The answer to your ‘Why’
How can you work a miracle if
You never even try”

Reference John 14:12-14

	…Jeff Bresee