(1) "recession over opression" Everything is going to be alright

Written by: John Streeter

I personally believe in a cultral of time.  I believe personally that this nation will rise up and
all the rhetoric in its existence will cultivate just in the nick of (?).  And if you're still in doubt,
don't hate my belife's just because your's is in the ultimate sprout.  What's it all about is that
the privaledge of justification is overshadow by the greed and our nation will sort out the nay
'sayers just because other's are jealous over the weed. I believe; that if this country....this
country from sea to shinning sea will see that poverty is defeated when normalcy is depleted.
Depleted in such a way that the majority of future endeavors is celebrated in our life-time 
and a joyish occasion of folk's will turn their nose up to a society of "children's submerge with
out clout".
I believe - just in the nick of time, GOD-a soverign creator, he's Alpha & Omega will give 
mankind no concern of their own doing that is interfering and confusing to his selfish ruling. I
just personally believe: "He's God all by himself". And by himself  and the word state's that
he is in every disconcern of what the Germans, the Americans the Polish and the Soviet Un-
ion have to say to scare other's into thinking that the "weapon's of mass-destruction will 
prove power is in their backyard-just because they hold the button??..
I belive in his return, and the concern of modern day brother's and sister's from the east coa
st to the west coast knows that our fore-father's gave their live's to peace, not too freedom,
but that freedom is appreciated more when it is deviated upon bloodless shore's. "Everthing
is going to be alright", earthquake's in haiti and the devastation of youth's killing youths. Our
Nation and all citie's that's responsible for the freedom of all and I believe also for the poor
and less fourtunate that still have to crawl, "let it rain and let it rain day or nite. I believe,
"Everything is going to be Alright".