Written by: James Graham

Tiny spiders spill forth from a crack
in the plaster wall.  Crawling, spelling
out the answers I’ve sought.
Filthy wall vibrates with words.

Words, that drip and ooze down
onto the asbestos tile. Breaking
up, each letter sizzles into a small 
cloud which rises into flickering fluorescence.

Words that are the answers
I’ve sought all along.
Answers to the questions
that I never asked.

If only I could remove myself
from this concave mattress,
capture the smoke.
See what I saw.

10 tons of icy sins
crushing my limbs.
Preventing all movement.

Save a blink here and there.
Clearing the blur of dried eyes.
Bringing into focus her approach.
Injecting dull relief into my veins.

Fighting sleep to learn
more.  I can’t ...