people united

Written by: simon nixon

in this room, i sit and find
explore my thoughts explore my mind 
one conclusion, weird but funny
greed for hate,love for money
do they lie,tell us the score
the young ones die while the rich wage war 
box apon box comes home the dead 
a war for oil, our soldiers bled
terror attacks when will we learn 
a nation united, stand stong and firm
curuption and greed its dog eat dog 
political bullshit, we are lost in the fog 
raise up my fellows, hold your head high
together with one voice, we shall never die 
we sing all together, our voices loud and clear
we keep to our guns, and they'll have to hear
do it for your grandads, and the ones before that 
they died to defend, while our leaders grow fat
brother by brother, all come together
we are the people,to give in we can never 
defend till our last breath, our hope's flame's relighted 
cos we are one nation 
we are the people united.