Bi Polar

Written by: casper chubs

Watching the astronauts
We see the light of the world
Above ly their thoughts
They appear in a rainbow swirled

But my mind has been put into a transmission
Like an old telephone the message is sent
Of literature it shall be the greatest edition
It is my soul's way that it has chosen to repent

The aftertaste of poetry is good on the tongue
It puts you in a jubilant state of the kind mind
The washouts and losers is whom im among
To this chair of broken dreams i am confined

In my mental state of consistent mood swings
I dont know how i ever keep a mood straight
I get too concerned with the littlest of things
But in the end maybe all this is just fate

But i must fight my way through myself
And im only fifteen still
All those happy memories on the shelf
Dont do the same as the pill

And around her my conscience wanders into the unknown
Feeling out of it she asks me what could possibly be wrong
I just wait until im finally out of this cold endangering zone
But some of the time this waiting and waiting takes too long

But they say i just have to live with this
I jst have to go through this trance
I just have to wait until our next kiss
That could be taken with a glance

I dont care what the situation
I could live to be eternal
With this disorder its anticipation
But i keep it all internal

Im just so tired of it
Im sick of sounding like a baby
Its just a little secret
A secret that leaves me achy

Its true what they say 
It does hurt everywhere
The lows ruin my day
It just isnt fair

Keeping the time on my wrist
Clenching my hand into a fist
I fight off the devilish thoughts
While watching those astronauts