Broken Heart

Written by: Danny Nunn

You don't have to call the paramedics, it is not life threating 
But at there time, you feel like you want to die
When your cupid's arrow shoot you in the back
You think that the world will come to an end, it is devastating
They won't look you in the eye, just tell you another lie
If you heat is strong, it will bounce back

Maybe just a band aid fix, a kiss and a hug will cure all
Could have been a sometimes thing, or a one night stand
To a heat when love is taken away it is all the same
No matter the age, we all seem to fall
But how does one make a heart understand
And to some it is just a game

Could have been the first puppy love or spring fever
Or maybe the second time around, looking for love on the re-bound
It is all the same when an old heart falls all apart
The heart never tell us if it is a believe or a deceiver
Or when a bad love comes around
But try to explain that to a broken heart

The aches and pains of romance, the candles of the 50th wedding anniversary cake
The old heart does not understand a good bye kiss
When it is broken, it is pure Hell
But for us all, sometimes they will break
To see you later or someone that they will really miss
I guess all broken heart no matter what age have a story to tell