Written by: felix joseph osaeghemede



Links me within a blink

A quick access to the link

I am far, but just right there

Very near, but miles far away

An awesome chip, which links all trip

My phone, a priceless keep


Sixth sense money can buy

The part of me I cannot miss

Cherished wonder in a pack

Not holding and having you,

 Makes me archaic

Your loss puts me my heart to a flight

Regaining you, extinguishes my plight

My phone, your friendship,

Gives me endless light

When I fiddle and fondle

You are always quiet


A dual harbinger of fate

A toast of sweet and merry

Again, a sip, it gives your sour

Often a time, these are your offering

 Some times, you labor for love

Yet, the very tool

To spread the hate

In a kernel, I value your profit

A friend so close

In storm and loneliness

Whatever your brand

You are my best companion

Inseparable is our union


How well you express my thought

A good veil to conceal my many fears

Behind your walls, I boost my nerve

Through you, hearts breaks

 Like a paradox, down soul you lift


When I dare ignore you

Within I need you, so badly

All as I crave for peace without you

Being mute a day, torments my peace

Just as your cry, I cannot ignore

Still I desire that pester presence

Much as my own peace

My phone!

Without you, it is tough

With you, stress is tough

Always with me you will be


My phone! A marvel machine

My phone! just wonder piece

My phone! A compendium of all sorts

My phone! A universal a appeal

I love you my phone!

From no one but me.

Yours truly.



Author: Felix Joseph Osaeghemede ;+2348037825027


Written:5:56pm-6:50pm; 8-1-2008.