Written by: casper chubs

So i guess i have a girlfriend now
And this is going to be our kiss
As the sweat drips from my brow
I go for it hoping i dont miss

And when our lips finally do touch
I realize this is the feeling i need
I realize shes who i want so much
It's my mind she has already freed

And even if she leaves and says im bad
At least i got the chance to be with her
The opportunity to impress is what i had
And i dont want to go back as a bachelor

Its like ive been lost at sea for many years
And youre the metaphor for eureka! land
My love of you is to what this adheres
Before you i had the esteem of an offhand

And now im running out of things to say
I hope you like what i have already said
I love you i believe thats the only way
I think without you i would fall down dead