Written by: felix joseph osaeghemede



I am helpless, cos am in my zero 

To muster strength, my stamina won’t permit 

Recharging my drive, yet not an impact 

Trusting, it be done by skill 

Nearly  victimed me as the kill 

Is there a route, to reach it by a pill? 

My multiple efforts lay before me like a pack of cards 

I dare not live, like am zero 

I must connect a hero. 


My hero! Alas am just a zero 

A pinch of strength, can unleash my ego 

Guiding my drive, can make an impact 

 A grinding file, sue will sharpen my skill 

Me a victor, sure will vanquish my captors 

O dear hero! I need you my mentor. 


My hero! Never do for me a fight, 

Sweat for me, to gain the might 

My hero! Just spare me the kill 

Who can tell? , yet I covet the skill 

So to stand alone unchallenged. 


My hero! I dare say to be a champion, 

As the champion, I made you my hero 

As life’s battle rages an onslaught 

Be by me, my invincible hero 

As I champion the path to my destiny 

Oh! My hero! I love you. 



Written 13/9/2008. 12:30am to 1:30am 


Felix Joseph Osaeghemede (+2348037825027) 

Lagos Nigeria . 


“As life’s storm rages on to swallow up our soul, if we choose to look within we will find our 
hero (Jesus) willing and ready to help)  

Felix o.j