Written by: Danny Nunn

How a person comes to writing, I guess it is different for everyone
I know it was for me, especially poetry
For year I hated it, thought that I could never do anything like that
But then like a miracle , for me it turned into be fun
Sitting there at an old typewriter and writing poetry
Me of all people and wearing my old cowboy hat

It all started by keeping a diary and writing a book
I had been threw some traumatic times with my daughter in the recent past
They say that The Lord works in strange ways
He got my attention and made me take another look
Sometimes thinking it would never end, how long will it last?
I write with no end and the same for the days

I knew that I had to vent or I would explode, so I would write
Late one afternoon, I was writing like my fingers were on fire
It is said that the pen is more mighty than the sword, that is how I fight
I had that typewriter smoking like it was on fire
Gospel type word put into verse form is what I was starting to see

I showed it to my mother, in a matter of minutes it was done
She had taught school for years, She said, "Danny, this is good"
"You ought to enter it into s song writing contest"
"Look who really wrote it for you, he is the one"
She read it again and said, " I think you really should"
I grinned, "Mom I guess you are right, he is the best"

Months later, a gospel recording company picked it as song of the year
In the contest, I won a $1000 and got the bug
but deep down inside I got humble and started to pray
And fighting the Old Devil without any fear
Naturally, I gave my Mother a kiss and a great big hug
The title of the song was-- HIS WILL AND HIS WAY