Written by: Danielle Curl

"Dance with me"
His breathe tingles against my ear.
I see that glint in his eyes and my breathe catches in my chest.

He spins me out onto the floor, his presence commanding.
He is confident and in control,
and yet we are both immersed in chaos, seconds from falling, inches from colliding.

But we don't.

I see an opening, and now I am in control and hungry for power.
I grin as I initiate, and his answering smile is sly. 
But I cannot keep my advantage, and his strength overwhelms me. 
he swiftly pulls me in and the audience gasps! I am falling!

Only to be caught and returned to my feet.
I laugh.
He slows and pulls me close, teasing.
Our bodies move together,
for a moment peace and order riegning.
Only to be spun into glorious chaos once again.

I am breathless...