Written by: Jeff Bresee

For the calm of new fallen snow lies in silent peace and stillness
Gently covering the loneliness of midnight city streets

And walking in the cold of night, I pause to stop and wonder
How can it be so unaware of where it present lies?
Has it not seen the desolation? Has it not heard the cries?

Perhaps it knows not the tales. Yes it seems so unaware
As it lies in quiet sanctity on the un-kept city ground
On the broken streets and walkways, and rooftops all around

And for a moment I too am unaware 
That on morrow day when snow melts away
My walk shall again find the cold and blighted shadows 
Of midnight city streets

But might the impression made this night rest forever upon my heart
That God is no respecter of persons. For He maketh His beauty to fall
Upon all of His children alike

…Jeff Bresee