Written by: Danielle Curl

Forgive me Lord, please forgive me 
I tremble at your feet.
My soul is tired; I seek your refuge, 
Let your love, pour over me.

I turned away, and now my sin pierces my soul.
Your gaze burns bright, your loving tears, overflow.

Heal me Lord, give me healing.
Restore my tattered heart.
I love you Lord wont you lead me
Hold my hand throughout the dark

My soul cries out, how I long to see your face.
I want you near, I need to know you’re in this place.

Love me Lord, I know you Love me
 Though At times its hard to see
I search for you in my trials
I feel you comfort me

My Heart aches for you, You hold me when I tire.
My soul burns for you, let it burn as gold in fire

Hold me Lord, Please just hold me, 
Let me feel your warm embrace
I love you Lord, Oh how I love you
I feel you in this place.