*{ 2010 - We all must Win}*

Written by: John Streeter

 One year (yes-(1)year already) has passed and the new man in the White House has done
a tremendous job considering that most of the constinuents thought surily all else would
fail.  "We're all in this together", a phrase of hope everyone that bleed red blood should
If anything that has truly come to be, is that no matter what travel of the road identifie's
you as a Republican or a Democrat.  We all face some diffucult day's ahead, and yes-yes
that applie's to you and me and the biggot's make three.  "I have a dream", 2010 is a
break-out year, instinctivily while the democrat and also those republican are bickering
over ungovernmental issue's everyone that bleeds red (blood) should take a moment and
SCREAM and say "THANK YOU GOD".  Destiny has delivered (yes-(1)year already) But
the abba of Destiny has brought a new leadership at the whitehouse and yes even in vic-
tory there's pain too gain as 2000 years of history has made some still angry and some
Are you a friend, Mr. President, and are you tough enough!!! that the preseverence of
your character is seen Again and Again?..
"In him is destiny, not the nucular bombs the Republican's and the Democrats instincti-
villy knows will shed more blood.  Now, now people we're off to vote in a few years, un-
employment and crime are forever on the rise and with tears galluping in the corner of
the biggotmist eye's, time and time to matter's of no end.
Now until then, "We all must Win".