These Words

Written by: casper chubs

Theres just something that i cant put words to
And it absolutely has to do with how i feel for you
When you look at me your eyes turn a different blue
If only you could see what i see if only you knew

Youre what keeps this parsite of a heart beating
And im hoping none of this needs any repeating

Because its hard to open myself up like this
The feeling is summed up in the way we kiss

And i could spend eternity staring into your eyes
Because its their rules that our growing love defies
Only seperation could ever bring about our demise
And im in love with our ritualistic heys and hi's

And i would tell you all this sooner than later 
But i think id rather put it all down on paper

Ive tried to put it all into a song on my ukelele (haha)
But i pretty much missed the tiny mark completely

But i dont want to keep you here reading this for long
I think we all know that since im falling my will isnt strong
And just know ill eventually get it all out and write that song
Ill definitely tie in how next to eachother is where we belong