I Would Say Anything

Written by: casper chubs

I eat you up like a  fat kid eats chocolate
Youre sprawled out across the bed
No one will ever understand our secret
I know from your feet to your head

We re like hungry cats thrown in the same cage
And you so easily rock my shaken world
But if this were a story i want to turn the page
And id do it as together we re curled

Its like we ve been voo doo cursed
But like i said im dying here
Its like a hunger accompanied by thirst
And it cant be quenched by beer

Trust me i have tried
And its been tears that ive cried
And as you take me on that heavenly ride
Im thinkin that you lied

But i would say anything* to stay here in bed
With you right by my side
Because its you that puts these words in my head
In your heart i want to hide

And ive become enraptured 
Tangled all up inside you
We  could never be captured
Because we re stuck together like glue (hahaha)