Cold Case

Written by: Danny Nunn

Fingerprints, used to track them down and a clue or two
Now they have all this fancy technology, some stuff called DNA
"No Sir", them old crooks don't have much of a chance anymore
"And the old worried critter, you can't tell what those suckers will do"
"Then you have witness that up and pass away"
That just makes a conviction a harder chore"

I knew a gal here while back, years ago said that she was on the wild side
Used to tend bar, but that is not how she made her tips
Said that she got to running with witches down Nogales way
Married an old man, until final day she took him on that ride
She was younger then, had a lot more wiggle in her hips
Then took to running, running from Judgment Day

Said that she got him drunk one night, gave him a knock out pill
Locked the garage breathing the fumes, he died in the car
Next thing you know, she is out of town with the kid
Thirty years later she is back in town, wonder if it was for the thrill
I was sitting outside the other day, she pulled up in her car
Acted like she wanted "a roll in the hay", wonder who she was trying to kid

I did not have a happy smile on my face, knew I had to deflate her ego
I told her that she was looking old and all wrinkled up
In the next breath I said, "They say old Joe. damn he was a fine man"
"Damn that is a Helluva a way To have to go, Poor Old Joe"
"Be right back, need to get me another cup"
Had a hunch that would bring her to the front of the line

In seconds her blood was boiling and hair standing on end
Fire in her eyes and with a growl she said, " You have not got a thing on me"
"Believe me Mister, you will pay"
"And in you, I thought I had a friend"
I said, "That is what all of them criminals say"
"You know this cold case just heated up a degree"