Written by: Milton Toran

when i was a silly kid ,
'round the age of 17;
i pulled a trick on gran'ma,
it was really kind'a mean!

while gran'ma was a' snoozin',
like a spy down underneath;
i crept into the bedroom,
& swiped her false teeth!

early the next mornin',
i heard someone fussin';
pots & pans were a' flyin',
as it soon turned into cussin'!

i stepped into the kitchen,
gran'ma was squishin' tomatoes;
she reached beneath the cabinet,
& tossed a bag of potatoes!

stars, moons, & saturn,...
swirled above my head;
gran'ma went on a rampage,
i swore that i was dead!

i raced into my bedroom,
reaching below the bed;
i pulled out a jar of dentures,
to the kitchen i quickly fled!

there stood gran'ma,
madder than the maddest cow;
she smacked me with a wooden spoon,
as i unleashed a screechin'..."OWW!!"

i learned a vital lesson,
it's healthy to keep the peace;
seniors are sweeter than honey,
but never kidnap their teeth!