The Chair

Written by: Emre Karatas

Been  the piece of the stage ,
seen  the life  of  the  remainings
of  the  before  one’s  also .
Touched  not  any  of  the  ups .
just  watch  “the  tired”  once .

A  crack  of  doom  and  the  reckoning
whereby  strong  and  if  storms ,
wish  to make  it  shaked  at  least  swung .
Now  deaf  the  desire and  none  is  a throne  ,
but  somehow  it  will  ring , and you  be  the  thrown .

Deep  sees , and waves  the  helpless  stable ,
still  there  and  even  without  the  fifth  able .
Will not  wish  I ,
you  weigh  any  heart  beatings  any  more ,
cause  the  closed  doors  are  not  yours ,  no more .