Had thee me been

Written by: Emre Karatas

had  the  days  passed
not  mercilessly
would have been I
not  sad  but  thee

had  prevailed  not
the  beings  against  I ,
would  have  been
them  the  same beings
die  to  dead

had  thee  me  been
would have  been the
one , thee  who
keen  dying on and ,
seem  lying  on  to  all .

had  seem  thine  presence
been  visible  to eye ,
would  have  been  the
stabbed  one  from
the back
or  the  deck of my love

would  have  been  me
thee ,
and  thee  me  again ,
both  us  had  been
before late

like  know  thee  die  I ,
though ,
pleased  thee  high
and ,