A bodied born

Written by: Emre Karatas

Chosen a burden  of childhood
out  goings meant not a  reflection 
of the  “happenings” .
The severe  bruise  devoted  to the  meat
and  about  yellers  might not a such  heat
yet  , the world  of  other tops 
did not  mean a much  deed .

Separated  a soul  from a bodied  born ,
as  the  spirit  versus  itself  and torn .
The  grave   diggers   avenges   and  if   so ,
die  my the  whatsoever  people ,
but  not  blue  the  blown .

Some  dark , done  a  gorgeous  giant ,
What  part , none  was  a delicious  night .
Sleep  damned  things never be  waken up ,
an instinct  flow , up to  the  paradise ,
will , though , be a  brilliant  flight .