My the grassed

Written by: Emre Karatas

Lingers my still  the hate
the willing everlasting
then me the who  begun ,
poured the on feelings I  once
a way or  the  other
like  had  already I  ,  even  as my  as

but how ,

been  had odd she
towards he
to one  who  was  me of cursed and of coursed.
tortured  as  she  as ,
so  to  the  rolled  senses  of  mine  
now downed and died
of green the grass and  the ground.
and  the  roaming elser,
the crimsoning  blood itself ,
my  the  mere  remainig   behinder  and  beholder
was  there  also  polishing ,
my  the  grassed
on  borning  present  of  all  , though