Smooth ways

Written by: Roger Jordan

Smooth Ways
I put women on layaway... Hey!
it dosen't cost a cent to toss so love your mcdonald tray.
Go ahead, want it all
I wont crush your dreams big or small
rather brake up then to fall shameful you all are wasting those numerous calls
Chances of you knowing me,I am not concerned
Fast forward past a toss or turn because tin man burned his heart
follow the road to the red bricked apartment
Women cook the food never opened in my kitchen and I eat while they stay starvin'
Call it dedication 
I'm testin patience
Seeing if they can stay wastin' away and psychologically,Your paying for what one girl did one day
Yeah her name was carry
I find engagement scary The populations too vast
I can travel through januarys, februarys, and decembers drinking bloody marys cause they help me not remember
I drink to you and the things we do
I'm down with the bacardi
Breakfast in the morning please
the vending machines in the lobby!
Them jokers tryna' rob me
Dont think that I don't care
I cared enough to use my lines and I might keep you here
To vibe with me, ride with me, in my rent-a-car
As long as you drive a girl
They dont care who you really are
I'm the star that stole your wish
You kiss like your breaking a spell,Ha!
 stop waitin'
These thoughts test my patience
I am rapture chicken in grease
You young women lack education
Hungry, parched, starvin', every heart beat fuels no elation