Close to the Sand

Written by: casper chubs

Who is there to smoke with me
Because im lost here in california
I havent quite reached the sea
My motive is only mere paranoia

But all this seems like some dark dream
Just get me out of this air wasting body
Its in this skin that im ready to burst at the seam
Even though they all consider me the hottie

I dont think i could ever agree
With their comments about how good i have it
Happy is what ill never be
But this all has everything to do with my secret

I just want to tell them all to shut up
And it seems i can never wait until tomorrow
I drnk from the emptiest cup
But it is filled with nightmares and sorrow

And all i want more than anything is to smell the salt
It radiates from the ocean like aroma from a candle
Its this mind and body that i would give anything to assault
Because its the misery of this life that is too hard to handle