Backyard Vacation

Written by: Shawn Sackman

When normal frustrations of life seem they’ll never end
I take a walk in my back yard and take it all in

I’m lucky, a few acres, some trees, and a pond
I embrace the view but try to look beyond

To the beautiful things that I see offering a hedge
Like a tree’s reflections against a water’s edge

Bird sounds, the wind, even the occasional voice
Of a neighbor at play, always a good choice

All are just the first layer of a painting that I see in my mind
That when appreciated allow me to relax and recline

I often talk to God, knowing He always hears
My thoughts, my concerns, no matter how unclear

Even when they sound complainingly so
They need to be said so that I might grow

So when life seemingly begins to tighten or strain
Maybe a backyard vacation can help explain

That it’s all a gift, but there’s no denying
We all need a backyard of sorts to enjoy the trying