The Day After Valentine's

Written by: casper chubs

Its in the way you look at me
Its different from everyone
Its like you can finally see
Even when blinded by the sun

I try to remember all the things you did
Like how you tickled my back 
Youre everything i dreamed of when i was a kid
Like how you make up for the things i lack

Now as i sit in bed
Trying to figure out what you want to say
Putting paper to lead
Its probably on this thought that ill dwell all day

Youre evolving from a want to a need
Not to sound creepy at all
Because these words come out like i bleed
While we listen for parents in the hall

I think the last time you left you took my heart
Or atleast youre in the process of stealing it
I cant even stand it when we are apart
Im hoping youre also feeling it

And hopefully im doing a better job than max bemis
Because i know you like the way he can put things
Maybe he could do better at describing this
But i dont think even he could publish our feelings

Im trying to get my thoughts around you
But  its at this job theyre stuggling
Its about this struggle i dont know what to do
Between thinking and breathing im juggling

And i hope you grasp these lines
I hope you eventually say what you wish to say
And even though its after Valentines
I wrote you a poem for today

And i could go on for forever 
Telling of times we spent together
Just know that the only one is you
Andthe feeling still feels brand new

i think this one is much better ;)