The Path of Deceit

Written by: Siti Aishah Abu Bakar

Sly as a fox you might be
Turning and twisting your words around
Toying with your fate and destiny
Till everything pulls you down

Words of prayers you sent above
Hoping no one see beneath the lie
Tricking and fooling the once you love
Guilty, heavy-hearted - You let out a sigh

Hoping sometimes you can fly through time
Going back to histories left behind
To correct the mistake that you made
Away from truth and with guilt you dine

You were showered by rains of regrets
You were confronted by shadows of fears
Knowing God is watching your every step
You just sat there in silent tears

What is done can't be undone
Just a trace to leave behind
Leaving to time to overrun
The regrets you have in mind

You seems confused
You seems distressed
Get over it
And get some rest.