Good Cops vs. Bad Cops

Written by: Danny Nunn

There is nothing better than a good cop, nothing worse than a bad one
Has always been bad cops since time began, nothing like the modern rampage
I was raised in an era, to always respect the law
The very same should hold true, for those that wear a star and a gun
But now, we live in a new age
If they take "dirty money", then they are twice as bad as the outlaw

All of my life, I have lived on The Mexican Border
It has always been a wild place, a outlaw's paradise
With billions in drug smuggling, a sweet lure
For a price, they can have their own "Law And Order"
And in the end, they will pay a higher price
May not be as sweet as before, but it is a cure

For some judges, lawyers and cops, they are part of the law as well
They have their price, their judgments can be bought
But that is the way that they have chosen to play the game
For honest people, it can be pure Hell
it is a two edged sword the day they get caught
For all honest judges, lawyers and cops, it gives them all a bad name

Being the Devil's advocate, if they should go to jail
Don't send them to a "country club" lockup, put them in the general population
Let''s see how they survive, when they get to looking at him
So they will really know what it costs to fail
They pretty well know where they will go for destination
One thing about inmates anywhere, they have their own "justice system"