Monologue by Addi C.T Ion

Written by: Keabetswe Molotsi

Penny for your ino-'cents'
Lure you to the dark side
Take a wiff off ecstasy
While I hook you like a kipper 

I sell it easy, Sweetness,
You will not know you're buying
Until you're sitting in my palm
A-begging for some more

Look me in the eye, FreshMeat
Swear to me you're had enough
And I will laugh, pure mockery
Your words aren't worth a damn thing when actions scream out their consent

Your mind is like my instrument
I'll play until the strings snap clean
You say "no", but it says "go"
You scream "Stop, don't" it cries "DON'T STOP!"

You seem upset and ragged, down
Let me remind you how I won..
You took the rope... you bound your limbs
Said, "Just one hit? Won't hurt a bit."

Hurt much?
hurt much.....
Oh, I bet it do