Old Chinese Sayings

Written by: Michael Poyntz

There  are no guarantees in life      
save one…and none of us
certainly not me and possibly not you
no one can outrun  the call of their destiny
once upon a time is a saying
created  only by  the lawyers

Don’t rely on fortune cookies
as the reason to quit your job

Eat spicy Chinese food
out of a carton ……with chopsticks...more often
sitting on a park bench talking with a stranger
say these words daily 
thank you……..please….and  I love you
as if they actually mattered to you

Draw your own lines carefully in the sand
and defend them with all that you are

Drink hot coffee from a bowl
hold onto the one you love with both hands
whatever you do in life do it with intense passion
never do what your enemy 
expects you to do...ever
live well …love better

Dance and sing your heart out every single day
Live….just live  as large as you can

Remember the Alamo