Valentine (For My Wife)

Written by: William Masonis

That I could ever cease to love you dearly;
How possible is this?

     As possible as wearing water
     Possible as eating air
     As stacking Space
     As folding Time
     Possible as going on happily without you
     As possible as outwitting God.

What is being loved by you like;
How does it feel?

     Like happy five year olds on Christmas morning
     Like redemption for the Damned
     Like being found when lost
     Like the end of war and famine
     Like health come back to the invalid
     Like everything accepted and complete.

And what are we together;
The Sum above the parts?

     We are the feeling always striven for
     We are the impossible balance acheived
     We are the hope that no one speaks of
     We are the dream no one believes
     We are the level holding everything
     We are the reason to go on.

So this is how I love you;
How it shall ever be.