In the Lunchroom

Written by: casper chubs

Well now that you have gone and turned me on
I guess im now definitely going to be taking you home
Just know that i got to wake up early to mow the lawn
Because that was the only thing that rhymed in the poem

And the feeling i get whenever you catch my stare
Is like healing a secret with the passing of air
Whats the deal though you dont return my glare
You know what i want to steal it could never be fair

But by the end of this night ill have pillaged your village
And know that ill never stop pressing or keep you guessing
You have appealed to my picky liking baby ill be your viking
Oh and i hope you dont mind if i call you baby because im definitely not shady

But as im watching you drink that drink 
Im starting to think
As my peripherals catch your movement
I want to savor the moment

But with the unfortunate passing of the everlasting time
This moment could never be lasting because its almost tomorrow
And the only thing that ive wanted more than time is for you to be mine
Because lady i dont mean to sound shallow
But you turn me on