Kennel Bridge

Written by: Conor Jordan

It Trickles Down His Walls in Thin Sheets,
His Confines Broken By Light Rainfall.

               - It Soaks In -

He Assumes The Foetal Position and Pulls
The Covers Up Passed His Collar Bone.

               - The Lines Don't Match Up -

Wincing at Various Thoughts That His
Mind Conjures Up, Reliving History.

               - The Light Breaks His Window -

Reminds Him That Those Who He Had Loved,
And Those That Had Abused Him.

               - Walked Under The Same Sun -

His Body Remained Peacefully Still as 
He Sank Deeper into Himself.

               - Moving in His Thoughts For Hours -

The Only Place Where Solace Seemed
Existent, Behind a Mould of Replication.

               - He Walks With Her Hand in Hand -
   - Sleeping With Her Under Stars of His Own Creation -