Regrets within

Written by: Siti Aishah Abu Bakar

Take me away...
Far away...
From this reality
Into the world of fantasy!

Leave me alone...
Don't come near me
I want none but Begone!

I never want to repeat this
Now that regret seeps through my soul
Step by step, pace by pace
i face the future as a whole

Never would i leave behind my heart
and let temptations take control
Never would conscience i put apart
But listen to the voice in my soul

Voice within i seldom listen
But only to the temptations
See how hard it is to be me
Welcome to My Pride Nation

Pride wins no glory
Arrogance wins misery
Changes begins with the heart
And till arrogance you would part

-Heart of mine needs to be free-
-Heart of mine have a destiny-