Vision Quest

Written by: Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson

O Great Spirit of the Vision Quest Puts me now through this test Awaken thee in midst of night Scared at first half a fright A Vision seen ever so clear Then a whisper heard upon the ear Shivers and prickles down to the feet Intensity sends a rising bolt to a seat Staring into darkness ever so bold Awaiting instructions to do as I'm told In the silence there tis to be found Answers but much noise can abound Humble thyself before the Great Holy One To live by the humming of the beat of the Spirit Drum Ask for guidance for what must come to be Wisdom, Patience, and Maturity A Quest from above that sees my heart yearn To know all that's wished for me to learn Watch the Eagles soar and unite once again That's when the Vision Quest shall begin Watch them soar! Watch them fly! Burning down deep into that inward eye Then Gather from their feathered wings To praise the Spirits then dance and sing As the eye is caught in splendid wonder There shall I go and place me under Falling Eagle feathers to the ground Gathered to thy home kept safe and sound Give Spiritual Healing for all who keep The Eagle feathers by their sleep Be off I must now go to behest And fulfill the Spirit of the Vision Quest
Note: I wrote a poem called "Eagles Death Dive" and described that I was on a "Vision Quest" to see the wild Eagles pair mate once again. Many quesions arose asking "What is a Vision Quest?". This poem was inspired by the Vision Quest itself and from the literary reviews asking me questions and for more information. A registered Native Am. is the only person in the USA that can legally hold or possess any part of a Bald Eagle including it's feathers which are used in rituals and hold powerful spiritual meaning. Halito Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson Written by 2/9/2010