write a happy poem!

Written by: Milton Toran

dear tormented soul,
what are you out to gain?;
why do you toil in misery,
why are you in so much pain?

persecuting others,
because of what they say;
if you want to teach them,
try the Christian way!

your heart's in total anguish,
you claim that you don't lie;
only Christ walked on water,
take that beam from your eye!

write about something happy,
remove that awful frown;
a frown is nothing but a smile,
when it's turned upside down!

life brings you sorrow,
this we truly know;
stand and dust those cob webs,
sometimes you must let go!

the world's not always ugly,
take a look around you;
script a poem about nature,
perhaps a haiku will do!

read the morning obituaries,
do you see your name?;
at least you're among the living,
stop crying and finish the game!