My True Home

Written by: Richard Bates

I come here to be led further along 
in my process of becoming a poet....
...only to feel intimidated by the valiant 
lives and stories of great writers...

It leaves me anxious to write more...
It gives me motivation to learn new things...

But it leaves me lingering with questions...

Will I make it?
Will I afford school for this?
Will I make the grade?
My love for poetry a my reason to live
  but will it be enough to survive a competitive 
Is it God's will for my life?

Writing is breathing for this 
struggling intellect alcoholic!

Am I willing to sacrifice everything 
to be a pauper with an unheard voice?

Will I find an arena where I belong?

The only assurance I have is
 the beginning is the writing...
...and to live my loves...and to 
cherish God who instills the 
gifts of ability to the ones who
receive them...

I am open to being talented 
if that where the truth leads me...
if it's God's gift that I'm developing...

...if not..... IF NOT....

than I turn willingly to any place
God wants me for that is my true home
...and I'll do this on the side for as long 
as life allows me!