Afterglow Fades

Written by: Curt Mongold

We dance the same old dances but we're wearing diff'rent shoes 
long and lingering habits are the hardest ones to lose 
decisions left to me are choices I can't bear to choose
when echoes from inside of me are someone else's news.  

The flames of passion quickly rise, and quickly they descend 
A poet's life in empty pages and a broken pen 
I'm scarred forever from the wound you caused that just won't mend
I hide deep down inside the ship of tears I cannot rend.

The ticking clock of Chronos passes time as I move on
in measured differences the distance half  takes twice as long
still I sing the lonely notes off key to fav'rite songs
remembering the warmth to which my lonely heart belonged.

What can I do when my dreams come true, but  aren't like I planned, 
what have I done to lose the one that I held  in my hand ?