In The Name Of Love

Written by: Michael Jordan

What is true love really all about?
Lets break it down and check it out

True love is about the highs and lows
Learning to live and learning to grow

Learning to give all that you have got
And never thinking, “like it or not”

It’s about changing the person you are
And never letting things go to far

True love is about a faithful friend
One who helps your heart to mend

Someone with which you can relate
Look to the stars and plan your fate

It’s about honesty and it’s about trust
Has little or nothing to do with lust

I once was lost with a barren soul
Then an angel made me her goal

She helped me face all of my fears
Never failed to understand my tears

She has stood by me through it all
Helped me to stand proud and tall

Taught me to live without addiction
Helped to heal my every affliction 

Gives me the desire to rise above
Be all I can in the name of love

Written for Antoinette to enter
into John's "Love Contest."