" End Line Word " Promotional POEM

Written by: HGarvey Daniel Esquire

Have You ever thought of the past and said what   -------   IF
Suppose the greatest POEM written was written by  ----   YOU
It wouldn’t be written by me, because I just can not  ---   WRITE
Beautiful POETRY, alluring beginning, a satisfying  ---       “END”
As You sign Your book,  smile at the length of the    ----   “LINE”
Future POETS, standing, waiting, hoping to have a   ---    “WORD”
With the Author, the laurel crowned Poet Laureate of  ---   POETRY
From that time on, each morning You rush to read Your  -- Soup MAIL
Praises from YOUR  Loving Loyal fans, most of all From  ---  ME 
                                                                           --- THANK-YOU