Written by: Colleen Bono

I am the proud grandma of a beautiful grandson.This makes my
7th grandchild.He was born 2-6-10.5lbs14oz,18inches.He is perfect.
It is an amazing thing watching a new life come into this world.
He is soooo cute.I am a little tired as I stayed with her last night
and spent most of the night rocking him and watching all his little
faces.I am so proud of her.She had a troubled teen life and in
and out of trouble.Now she has something to be good for.She had 2 
miscarriages but now a beautiful gift from GOD.Thank you all for
your support the last couple of months.I guess I need to stick 
around to watch them all grow.I am going to write a poem about
my amazing experience.As for now I need a little sleep.I will be
back in the game soon.
                                                      YOUR POET FRIEND
                                                      Colleen Marie Bono