Written by: Rory Ian Bualan

Hint: This is not a poem.

If one can put words in feelings then
things will go easy for me.
And if feelings will have words with them
then things will never be.


Let’s start with the blue bird -
a mane, that’s what you shall have;
because a birdie with no mane
is an owl exposed to sunlight.

Let’s not forget the blue moon -
a muzzle, that will be handy for you;
Let all your screams dwarf the stars
and for once shine.

And the blue eagle -
a character. All you have is
a large beak and rowdy feathers!
Fly not with false pride.


And if this is not coming across,
all I can say is that, “You have
to have an eye for a poem and
an ear for a nice painting.”