Written by: Rechelle A

I took a walk along the path of memories,
Somewhere filled with shadows of "you and me".
And as the breeze echoed your laughter,
As the wind whispered my name with your voice,
As the lake reflected a picture of us together,
I looked around me and saw...
       the beauty of spring we never shared,
       traces of summer we spent apart,
       autumn leaves falling as I stand there alone,
       showing signs of winter....
       ...bringing memories of you.

Seasons change,
And your world has change with the seasons.
Yet  something inside me remains the same.
       New life may bloom each spring,
       the sun may smile upon you each summer,
       nights may last longer each autumn
       and the snow may cover memories each winter.

But my heart...
       it always speaks of you,
       it always beats for you,

My heart belongs to you...