Written by: Merv Webster

[ These days when Poets are unsure of spelling, they turn  to the spell check icon 
on their computers to help out.   The results though can sometimes leave you in 
the dark. ] 
My mind was on some new bush verse 
Based 'round the shearing shed, 
But spelling was my weakest point; 
A thing that poets dread. 
The word in tow was rouseabout 
I really was in doubt. 
My good old spell check icon though, 
Would surely help me out. 
I moved my cursor to the square 
And clicked the space called start; 
Then rouseabout came on the screen, 
With help there on a chart. 
Most rouseabouts are manly lads 
Young Kidmans on the grow, 
Though what it did suggest to me, 
Showed some folk sure don't know. 
It did not recognize the word - 
Not found - the thing displayed, 
But said, you should  try ROSEBUD sir, 
Some help, I felt betrayed.