The Widow

Written by: Judy Riley

The day came, he took him away, I just wanted to quit.
Too many dependent on me, I knew I had to get.
I am broken now, my role in life has changed.
Who am I, part of me will always be the same.

Life goes on day by day, sometimes it seems ok.
The children grown, but nothing seems to go our way.
Years pass but it seems we found no direction.
I am crumbling now, I find no strength or protection.

Aimlessly the life river seems to run.
Loosing grip in everything, it is coming undone.
The sky is so friged, so ridged and oh so grey.
There never was a promise that life would turn out ok.

There is  a reason given to all Seasons lived.
A force that will guide us, a lot of good to give.
Open the eyes and bring change to a new start.
Life will beat new emotion to a broken heart.