Written by: Merv Webster

The Mullumbimby blokes new bull 
Was looking kind of poor. 
He shunned Ray's Jersey milking cows 
And serviced them no more. 
To buy this so-called champion 
Poor Ray had saved for years, 
And seeing him the way he was 
It near brought him to tears. 
Ray thought - I'll ring the local vet, 
To come this very day, 
If any one can perk him up, 
He'd surely know a way.  
The vet he looked him up and down, 
Then handed Ray a pill. 
"This ought to do the trick," he said, 
Then handed him the bill. 
That pill it did the trick all right 
His vigour was now back. 
Ray fed his mate a pill a day 
To keep the bull on track. 
The neighbour viewed the goings on 
And sought the secret out. 
Ray then revealed, "It's in a pill, 
A miracle no doubt." 
"So what does this pill look like then?" 
The neighbour sought a hint. 
"It's big and white," Ray then replied,  
"And tastes like peppermint."